2 (3)

The darkness comes closer and closer
The beat comes against my entire body
It comes but I’ll win over it
I’m in control

Throw it all out and skydive
(Burn your passion, dynamite)
Skydive (everyone throw yourselves without fear)
Increase the speed, trust your heart

Skydive (all the world, do we rock)
Skydive (throw your body, it’s do or die)
Like this, like this, I’m going into your space

Oh, I wanna find you
We can skydive free fall
(Falling down with you)
I’ll steal you in this game
I’m your champ
We can skydive free fall”

Hair: MINA \\ Elsa (materials)

Dress: ANNA AMERI \\ Evening Dress red (Maitreya)



  • Chained Red Orchid {Gold} RARE
  • Apple Flower {Pink/Silver}
  • Apple Flower {Red/Gold}

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