Fighting For You


“A punch that I throw for you,
Who are thirsty from the long fight
Everyone’s different, everyone takes sides
And those words are just words of ignorant people
Since the words that echoes in my heart is different from yours
I’m mad so listen to my 4 measure nagging
(Rest In Peace) This prayer for truths
Even if the hidden system, the black shadow cover it up
This holy badge that won’t yield
What’s the name of the game?”


Hair: *TKW* Ekroos for Japonica

Outfit: +HILU+ SENSOU(tou)

Makeup: [CX] Hinotori Face & Eye Make-up Set for Japonica

Accessories: [CX] War Fan (Silver) at main store

[CX] Hinotori Kanzashi (Red)(A) & (B) for Japonica


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